pass the torch

After 8 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days we, Elmer (@Elmeraculous) and Arjen (@haayman), will cease our activities for the Rotation Curation account @Netherlanders. Although this has always been nothing but a hobby for us, the last couple of years we were not able to give the account the attention a great hobby like this deserves. We are proud of where the account is today, but we feel that it is time for new people to take over. People who have fresh energy, new ideas and the creativity to take the account to a higher level. We Netherlanders are interesting enough to have at least 10 times the amount of followers we have at the moment and I’m sure the next owner(s) can achieve this (no pressure).

Do you think you have it in you to pick up where we left off? If so, please send an email to or send a personal message via Twitter to @Elmeraculous. Except for our personal and [admin] tweets we will not be looking actively for our successor. Should nobody have come forward before January 3rd, the account and the website will remain open for the public to view, but without any further activity.

We have seen some remarkable Netherlanders in the past 8,5 years and have heard great stories about several friendships being born through the account and we are very proud that we have been a part of that. The last week under our reign (December 28th – January 3rd) has not been filled yet; we would love to see another remarkable Netherlander to conclude our great ride. Do you know who this person should be? Someone you have always wanted to see at the helm of @Netherlanders? Please let us know via a personal message at @Elmeraculous.

We thank you for supporting the account and wish you all the best.