We choose our new Netherlander very carefully. Do you think you would be a good candidate? Then fill in the form below. Do you know someone else who you think should represent our country for a week? Then share the URL of the current page with him/her.

If you do not hear from us right away after filling in the form, don’t panic. We plan ahead so it might take weeks or even months before you will hear from us, depending on the line of candidates.

During these planning sessions an open week will be assigned to you. You will receive an email mentioning the week number of your week. Should there be a week that you are absolutely not available, please mention so in the form.

(Spam notification: After filling in the form below you will receive a confirmation email. After assigning a certain week you will receive an email as well. Both emails are known to sometimes get stuck in spam folders. So please make sure you check that folder every once in a while if you don’t seem to hear from us. The sender will be so you can whitelist that email address if you wanna make sure to not miss out on any emails from us.)

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    If the last answer was 'no', what is your affiliation with The Netherlands?

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    Why do you think you would make a great candidate for @Netherlanders?

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