A new year!

2020 is almost coming to an end. It’s safe to say; WHAT. A. YEAR. First off, let’s get all of the clichés out of the way. It’s almost the end of a hectic year. A year in which we had to keep our distance from one another, but somehow felt closer than ever. A year where we might’ve had to say goodbye, but luckily we were also lucky to say hello to new people. And that includes an amazing amount of Netherlanders!

With the end of this year, it is also the end of an era! After 8.5 years the amazing Elmer (@Elmeraculous) and Arjen (@haayman) have decided to pass the baton to a very eager new team.

This new team, consisting of Pieter (@Staaksie), Mayke (@disgvises), Marcel (@msteeman), Jeanique (@PhotoJeanique) and Anna-Maria (@puur), is looking forward to making the @Netherlanders founding fathers proud. A quick introduction from each and every one of us:

Pieter Staaks, designer and (digital) artist. Works on the technical side of things for the Netherlanders. Wants to support smaller creators and creatives online.〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

Mayke, the youngest of the group. Chaotic minded but still enjoys messing around with spreadsheets and (simple) technical thingamadings. Has the bad (?) habit of fricking about until things work. Loves reading about the way every week’s Netherlander views our country and culture and hopes to keep this up for a long time!

Marcel, part of twitter-inventory, stroopwafelenthousiast, Integrity Guard. Helps with screening candidates, keeping out the bad apples and preventing all too much fuss. Makes sure the account stays fun, interesting, open-minded and full of stroopwafels. Pushes buttons when needed.

Jeanique, mother, maker, shaker, a sweeper keeper, ready to help where and when she’s needed. Knows a little bit of everything, which makes a lot of something. She loves to meet new people and therefore loves @Netherlanders. On a mission to find the best tweeps Dutch Twitter has to offer and convince them to share their stories with us.

Anna-Maria Giannattasio. Pure of hart and tweets. Part of The Twitter since the start. Event en PR machine. Innovation and connecting people is my fuel. Amsterdam-Italian energy. A large personal network of caring, dedicated people. Positivity will save us all!

Of course we hope to keep introducing you to all the incredible people, places, aspects, food and much more this small country has to offer. While we’re on the subject: if you think you would make an amazing candidate who can share their enthusiasm about the Netherlands, feel free to fill out the form!

We hope to see you all in the new year! Eat loads of oliebollen and stay safe!